I have a chronic condition but that condition doesnt have me

When you’re young and learning about life health is unfortunately something that gets put on the back burner. For most people they’re going and coming as they please. They are living their life and pursuing all their heart’s desires. They’re living the dream. Or at least what they consider a dream for their own personal life. There was a point in my life I was doing just that. Living. The best way I knew how. However at the young age of 25 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with a neurological condition (intercranial hypertension). Things got so severe for me so quickly doctors were left scratching their heads and ultimately said I would never be the same, I would always have limitations, and there were simple pleasures in life I just could no longer enjoy anymore. That was a devastating blow for me. At that moment, it felt like everything I was working towards was ripped away and I literally hit rock bottom. I’m telling you this because although at the time I felt like I had hit rock bottom, I made up in my mind not to stay there. Five years later, I run a business, work a part time job, and still enjoy my life. That doesn’t mean my condition went away nor does it mean I don’t have some limitations. It means in spite of, I choose to overcome, and you can do the same. The first thing I had to do was allow myself to understand my diagnosis wasn’t my fault. When your life changes in such a dramatic way you automatically think you could’ve done something better. Although there are some diseases that are caused by unhealthy habits, there are many that are not. Getting to where I am now, I also had to accept who I was. The new me if you will. I accepted the fact that some days are harder than others. Some days I will have to push that task to another day. Some days are frustrating. Conversations with doctors aren’t as severe, but my treatment is forever. I’ve seen multiple doctors retire while treating me. When you’re in this type of position, you cannot take anything personal. Because quite honestly, you’re doing the best you can with the cards you were dealt. Family, friends, and coworkers may not always understand what you’re going through AND THAT’S OKAY. Getting to a place where I understood everyone won’t understand was life changing. In this moment you will also notice people that really love or support you may not understand, but they won’t leave your side either. Lastly, I know everyone that fights through a chronic condition doesn’t have their heart set on running a business or working (in some cases they may not be able to) and THAT IS OKAY. Be okay with whatever empowers you or makes you happy. When your health changes your life, you may not be able to enjoy it as you once did, but you can still enjoy it. Some people may find a joy in art, cooking, or simply being there for their spouse or family. Whatever it is that brings you joy and doesn’t allow your condition to consume you, do it. I know from experience the challenges you may face on the daily basis. And that’s okay. That should never stop you from living your life, being happy, or doing something you find enjoyable. Even if some days are worse than others. You got this! -Lori G. Clar

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