I Have A Theory… What If God…

I have a theory … what if God does not know all of your moves before they happen but he moves according to your moves, once you make a decision.  When you make a decision, God then aligns the steps ordained for you. First you make a conscious decision and then you get tested. God is testing you with particular people you encounter and entertain. Based upon your interaction and reaction to others, then God will know who you are truly like. 

Although he created you, you have a mind of your own. He created you to think on your own and make choices daily for your wellbeing.  Information is constantly given to you; now it is up to you to do. Each choice you make, leads towards a destination. If you are choosing happiness, success, love and prosperity then you will ultimately choose options that will get you closer to “that” or keep you closer to “that”. People are constantly crossing your path, testing your “word” or “dedication”.  You say you want LOVE, but when HATE is presented to you; you will either take it or leave it. If you are walking in love then accept love when it is presented to you. But when hate is presented to you, then put it back on the shelf. The more you stick to your “word” and choose the path of LOVE, then the closer you are moving towards your true desires.

If you want to be “free of chains”; then life will present you with chainless possibilities. If you want to stay in one area, life will present you with that too. Some people enjoy staying safe in one place, and others enjoy searching for new thrills.  Spontaneous thrills! New people, new vibes, new food! The adventurous type is more likely to choose or attract adventurous people. They may not look how you aspect them to look, but they will connect with you perfectly! We all have our flaws but the beauty of life is accepting people for who they are. Some people are willing to grow and become better. If you are someone who is flawed and love to grow, then those are the people you will begin to attract!

Many people believe God does everything “good” or “bad”. Technically he created us, so our decisions can still fall on him; but when will humans begin to take more responsibility for their actions. We make the decisions and God supports the decisions we choose to make. If you are constantly being deceptive then you are choosing a path of deception. Either way you analyze the theory, we ultimately choose the life we live. Everyone has a different start but with free will we choose how our story ends. 

Before making a decision, take your time to gather information. We often believe the first thing we hear and expect it to be true. When you are told false information, you are robbed the right to make an honest choice for you. Following trends and media can stunt your growth due to perception. Be mindful of perception. The wrong perception can affect the decision you would truly desire. Do research for yourself and think about your “why”.

 Why do you want to do something?

Will it lead to your destiny?

 Are you trying to prove a point?

Or are you genuinely interested in filling the position?

These are important questions to ask you, before making a big decision. What is for you; will not have to be manipulated! Manipulation is deception. Choosing a path of peace will always operate in a peaceful manner. Our life short comings can often shift our mindset, to believe we are in a race. God did not bring us here to race. He brought us here to love and support one another. Short comings are needed to build character and keep one humble.  Society plays a part in shifting our mindset with how  the world truly is. 

After studying the cultivation theory, things began to make more sense. Dated back to 1972 the cultivation theory proves the media can impact people’s view of the world. They ultimately shape reality with videos, photos and news.  Think about how many times the news said it was a possible storm coming, and all night you worry about a storm that never comes, or it comes with little affect than anticipated. Sometimes it happens but sometimes it doesn’t, but fear was still projected into the community. People stay distracted and stuck in a cycle. They are so reliant on the media; they forget a higher power exists. They choose to walk in a path based upon media projections.  

Give it a try. Try living life making positive choices daily. Compare it to making decisions with fear and see what results you get. Give it 30 days each. At the end of each month ask you:

Are you more anxious or less anxious?

Do you have more money or less money?

Have your relationships improved?

Do you feel more joy in the morning or are you sadder?

Do you have more clarity making decisions or not?

Is there more peace in your life or less?

I would love to know how things panned out! Do not be afraid to reach out and share your experience with me! I love emails! Send me an email and I would get back to you!

Talk soon!

-Amelia Adair


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