I Knew You Wouldn’t Leave Me

You said you’d never leave me. I believed you. You said you’d never forsake me. I never doubted you. My faith took off when times proved to be ruff tuff and down right wrong. Bills were due, lives were lost, and sickness arose. When my mother and father called it quits you took me up in your arms and took my breath away. Me screaming at the top of my lungs, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me.” I had to duck and dodge some collectors and you came through. You bring light to my night. You’re sacrifice was more than I could bare. Now you’re here by my side my eyes are filled with joy. Getting closer now at this time is so important. I hear you and you hear me we are the best of friends in the worst of times. Your presence has always been felt and I knew you wouldn’t leave me! 

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