I love my Couples

This week I had an opportunity to catch up with one of my couples I have been working with.  When I first started counseling them at the beginning of the year, things were going in a not so good direction.  There was alot of hurt between the two and the communication was very few words.  They were in alot of debt, totally not on the same page.  They were both overwhelmed and unbeknownst to the wife the husband had literally mentally thrown in the towel.  
They had many unhealthy patterns and just didn’t know how to get out of the cycle.  That can do a lot of damage to a relationship in the long term.
It was such a different conversation this week and they were actually communicating in a positive manner, listening to one another, smiling and laughing, and they had taken some date day time to romance one another and connect.  It showed!!
In the chaos of life, my couples have put their relationship last, not finding time for themselves, until I shared with them how critical it was for date days.  
Counseling with them and allowing them the space to work through challenges together, showed how they felt enriched,  nourished and empowered by investing in counseling to save their marriage.  
It was a totally different ending for them.  I tried to let them know, I felt they were in a good place and if they utilized the tools given they would be alright. 
They husband said NO WAY, we want to continue weekly sessions with you to keep us on track.  My heart was full!❤❤
I want to work with clients who want to work with me!! I gladly accepted.
If you and your significant other needs some help, reach out I’m here to help you both breathe again. 
Contact me at www.ansonyaburke.com 
through my contact page and let’s set up a 20 minute complimentary consultation and see how I can help.  

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