I Ran Into My Ex Recently

So yeah, I ran into my ex recently. The one you read about in Chapters 8-9 of my book, ‘I Was Bitter, Now I’m Better.’ The one I just KNEW I’d marry one day…yeah, that one.

I thought there would be some sort of weird energy once we approached each other after making eye contact. But, there wasn’t. When we broke up, I said that I wanted nothing to do with him ever again, and if I were to see him, I’d ignore the HELL out of him! But, again, that’s not what happened.

Very similar to Daniel and Issa Rae’s interaction in Season 3, Episode 6 of ‘Insecure’, I felt nothing. Like…literally, nothing. No weird energy. No bitterness about the situation (even though he broke my heart to the core). There wasn’t a need to be petty and act like I didn’t see him either. I mean, I DON’T want him back, but I don’t hate him either. We made small talk, he told me he was proud of me (best believe I mentioned my book LOL), and I wished his family well.

Forgiveness is imperative to one’s spirit and well-being. You see, if I would’ve continued to harbor all that resentment I had toward him in the past, there’s no way I would receive all the blessings that have been pouring down on me lately. I still would’ve been living in the past, being angry at ALL men because of my ex’s wrongdoings, and I would not have been able to progress in life.

Yes, people thought we were a perfect match, and I believed it. Heck, I even believed that we would be married and build our future one day. But, I KNOW God has someone in store for me who’s much BETTER. So, there’s no need for me to be BITTER about the past!!!

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Peace and blessings,

Jerra Latrice

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