I received a beautiful message from a beautiful soul the same time I got this award…

These voice notes left an imprint on my heart and made me cry.

On Aug. 2, I received a few voice notes from a beautiful soul that purchased my book. She admitted not reading my book immediately because she thought she was undeserving of a genuine connection with God. However, her perspective began to change once she started reading the Bible and further, after a week of reading my devotional.

She saw herself in the pages of “Dear God’s Daughter” – she saw herself in my story. And despite fact that was just three-quarters of the way through, she had hope she found her worth.

I found out I won this honor around the same time this beautiful soul from Germany filled my inbox with voice notes. These voice notes left an imprint on my heart and made me cry. To see others go from broken to healed, find their worth, and to feel the depth of God’s love will consistently be enough for me. This honor and acknowledgment aren’t mine. It’s God’s. I’m thankful He picked me to be His vessel.

Dear God’s Daughter: Words of True Love When False Love Fails available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and  Walmart!

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