I think I have Herpes

The thought of you having a herpes outbreak comes cross your mind. You quickly erase the thought from your mind. You would die if you have herpes, but the symptoms are clear.

How do you know if you have herpes?

Go get a PCR (swab) or IgM/IgG (blood test) test. If you any symptoms have the doctor perform a PCR and you will receive immediate results. If you don’t have symptoms get a IgM and IgG blood test. The IgM will determine the first sign of antibodies, that will let you know it’s a new infection. The IgG will present if you had the herpes simplex virus for 12 to 16 weeks prior to the blood test. Please don’t self-diagnose. It’s very easy to become a WebMD doctor.

You want to know the symptoms of herpes:

  • Fever-like symptoms

  • Blisters/sores: they can look like paper cuts, pimples, rash, razor bumps, or lesions (sidenote these don’t have to hurt)

  • Burning (face or genitals)

  • Itching (all over, face, mouth, genitals, thighs)

  • Discharge with an odor (women)

  • Swollen lymph nodes: neck or genital area

  • Aching legs, back, thighs or a headache

  • Tinging all over


I am scared to get tested

I was scared out my mind to get tested as well. You want to confirm that you have herpes before treating it as herpes. You will be shock other STDs have similar symptoms such as HPV, Bacterial Vaginosis, or Yeast Infection. You want to get treated for your symptoms that is present at the time.


You thinking it’s not herpes will change the fact that you may have the virus. It better to know than living in denial.

My doctors say, “It doesn’t look like herpes”

This is the biggest mistake that happens to individuals living with herpes. Your doctor performs a swab examine and state it don’t look like herpes. Don’t allow them to discourage you. You may have to push your doctor to test you for herpes by swab and blood test. You will learn that many doctors will try to persuade you from testing for herpes. They will tell you that it’s very common and it doesn’t matter. They will tell you everyone has herpes and it’s no big deal. You want to stress to your doctor you want to know your status and trust he/she will help you determine that.


I need support through this process

I had my best friend to help me through this process. It took 3 days before I received my test results. If you want to read my story. Order my book today.

I will strongly suggest you have a friend, family member, or partner to support you. You will need someone that will not judge you or make you feel rejected. If you don’t have anyone, I would love to support you. You can schedule an session with me today.

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