I want to get married!

I’m single and I want to get married! Marriage is a healthy desire. It’s okay to want it and to prepare for it. I pray about my marriage, I listen to sermons on marriage. I pay very close to the relationships around and try to think about how I’d navigate certain situations if I were in their shoes. I’ve created a 9-month plan to free myself of financial debts to start saving for expenses that may come with marriage. I study myself, my emotions, triggers, and traumas and some of those of the friends/family that surround me so I’m not bringing baggage into my union. The more I learn and prep, the more I see the beauty in it when done right.   The issue with marriage or any other desire (good and bad) is that it can become your God. I have to remind myself marriage has a creator who is even better (even better than marriage, kids, success on earth)  and although I look forward to to being a wife, I’m even more excited about living a life that represents God (the creator of all good things) and one day seeing him in all his glory. 

IG: ann_douee

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