Help! I want to quit my job to pursue my passion. Here’s the 30 Day Plan you Need.

Here's what I recommend for people with a passion & a purpose to pursue a BIG dream or vision... those who have an urge to embrace their free-spirit confidence and "go full-time."

On the journey…we ALL want to quit our day job at some point or another.


How many of us are bold ( crazy enough to do it), or to seriously consider it?


Well, I was. Yup, I’m a girl who quit my day job at what many people would say is one of the most inopportune ( irresponsible) times.


And straight up – I don’t 𝐚𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐞 anyone to quit their job. There’s wisdom in high places that we should consult – not merely the advice of people. It’s a leap that can go many ways. Savings account or not ( I know from experience).


But here’s what I do recommend for people with a passion & a purpose to pursue a BIG dream or vision… those who have an urge to embrace their free-spirit confidence and “go full-time.”


And look, it’s not a sexy secret, it’s sound advice.

And here it is:


Master part-time 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭.


So many of us haven’t even mastered being consistent in our creative projects and ideas for impact on a part time basis.


Sooo, horse before the cart, my friends.


And keep reading if you want to know my 30 day plan that will give you a good idea of where you are on your journey to full-time passion & purpose…


The plan:

⚡ Set one clear income goal.


⚡ Identify clear process for how you are going to earn it ( What will you exchange, what services will you do, what value will you provide, and to whom specifically? And why exactly would they be interested?).


You’re giving yourself 30 days to make it happen – it’s totally possible! But it takes aligned action!


⚡ Detail what actions you are going to do on a DAILY basis. Actions that move the needle forward…NOT busy work.


⚡ Do these actions EVERYDAY. And, stick to the plan you’ve created for 30 days.


Self-accountability is huge, so…


⚡ Write out your goal & plan. Review it day & night, by saying it out loud with enthusiasm & belief.


⚡ Make an official contract with yourself.


⚡ Make a table and check off your completion of the plan each day.


⚡ Evaluate how this 30 days goes.


How well did you maintain consistency, follow-through, and stick to the daily plan you set?


At the end of 30 days, did you meet your income goal?


Mentally & emotionally, how was it? How did you hold up?


Determine if you can achieve clear income goals BEFORE taking the leap.


Determine if you are mentally prepared to take a leap, and what kind of support you’d need to make it sustainable for you.


Lastly, a word of wisdom from a BOLD woman who quit her job in 2018 to pursue her dreams…


Quitting is easy, being consistent with a clear plan, staying in alignment, and achieving the goals you set is hard (especially starting out).


But that’s what it’s going to take to make full time possible.


Prove it to yourself first by successfully accomplishing 30 days of success BEFORE quitting.


To Plans, Progress + Purpose!

Dorothy Marie


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