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I Was Bitter, Now I’m Better

This is my personal testimony and relationship memoir. There was a time when I was utterly disgusted by the thought of marriage and ever being in a relationship again. I was bitter toward ALL men – all because of the actions of a few. 

But, as I started looking inward, I discovered the issue was not just the man’s fault. I repeatedly ignored red flags during the early phases of courtship. Things like constantly interrupting me while speaking, having a short temper, and dating his “potential” often were mistakes I made. I overlooked character flaws because they were physically attractive. How immature and insecure of me. Again, my bitterness was my own fault. Oftentimes, we can avoid our own heartbreaks by simply making wiser choices and paying attention to the warning signs.

My book talks about the importance of forgiveness (which includes forgiving others as well as yourself), healing, and taking accountability. Through sharing my story, I inspire women to practice self-love and become better versions of themselves. ‘I Was Bitter, Now I’m Better’ is more than a book…it is a movement – my personal testimony and relationship memoir. 

I’d love to be able to coach you through your healing process! Also, feel free to read the testimonials about my book on Amazon. To purchase an autographed copy, please visit

Peace and blessings, 

Jerra Latrice

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