I will implement change

Shelley Shelton said, ” I will not accept the things I cannot change; I will change the things I cannot accept.”

This quote had a significant impact on my mindset. I was facing a major life change, and part of the process meant that the next decision I made would impact finances, relationships, and lifestyle. I was terrified of stepping into the unknown. I knew that most people made plans with a plan A and B and sometimes a C backup plan in case things didn’t work out. For me, I decided that having a plan B meant that I was expecting to fail. I decided that there was no such thing as failing; however, there were always learning opportunities. 

The key to making a change, and having a successful outcome involves understanding that there will be times when adjustments are necessary. An adjustment is not defeat; it is a robust recognition of the ability that is housed within you as a brilliant person to achieve great things. Significant changes begin with small steps, such as writing out the plan, developing a timeline, and researching information.


When you decide you cannot accept things, it is time to make changes.  What are you willing to change today, tomorrow, or for your future? It begins with you.



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