If the trees could talk

As I watch the trees movement in the winds you see them flowing always in different directions. What is so fascinating and mind awakening; the trees are different. The shape of their leaves is different. The wind affects each tree differently. The color of branches is different. The color of the leaves is different. When the leaves are taken in the wind from the tree it is amazing how some are caught in the wind and just fall, while some stay in the wind current and perform a ballet while being released from the wind current. 

The conversation that I can only imagine the trees are saying while waiting for wind would be, hey I am so glad for a calm right now. No impact of the wind upon the bark and my leaves are still standing. Another tree is saying, if only you could enjoy the view from my level you would appreciate what you have and wouldn’t complain. Another tree is saying thank God for good weather today. Yet, another tree is saying the wind can be pretty rough on me because I am not as strong as my other trees. See when I was planted it was for just the period of time placed in a temporary container, then I grew over 50 feet and was never placed in a permanent spot. It has been so hard trying to adjust over the years. When the wind comes it often feels as if I am being uprooted and taken in the wind. However, I still remain standing. Another tree chimes in with how it had to adapt to dryness, humidity, environmental unsafe practices, cut down, beaten on by humans of every kind that couldn’t appreciate my beautiful leaves that have variety of color.

Trees see what we as mankind take for granted; beautiful sky, fowl in the air, clouds that protect from the sun on hot days, warnings that we ignore when trouble is on the way, kind words to our neighbors, and the rain that falls and touches the leaves gently.

My tree is saying, how thankful I am for another day, thank you for my protection, thank you for food to eat, a place to rest my head, thank you for health and strength, thank you for closing a door even though it hurt me it was for my good, thank you for family, thank you for allowing good people to come into my life, thank you that the divorce to break me, thank you for healing my broken places, thank you for carrying me through some storms, just thank you, I am grateful.

What does your tree say? This is where you can fill in your story. We all have a story it is how you wish to tell it. 

Let your tree be a light and may your leaves land everywhere dropping love.


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