If You Are Unemployed Or Underemployed

Why Unemployment Is Opportunity

What’s Wrong With This Picture?  

The woman is holding up a sign and waiting for someone to come to the rescue. Let me be the bearer of bad news…Nobody will rescue you! But the good news is that you can rescue yourself. If you are out of a job, CELEBRATE! If you are unemployed or even underemployed this should be your motivation to change your life!

I say celebrate because this is not the time to get depressed and down on yourself. Unemployment is an opportunity that you might not otherwise have because you are too busy working to make someone else wealthy. This is the time to WAKE UP and take control of your life!  Start investing in yourself. You have god-given abilities.  And those same talents and skills that you want someone else to recognize in you, YOU should recognize in yourself. Now go out and make a job!

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