If you don’t come out of this Quaratine with a new skill……you are HUMAN

I’ll make this quick , I have a young toddler that I get the pleasure of chasing around, entertaining , and disciplining through out the day. With daycare and schools being closed, I like most mothers with young children, have less time now than we’ve ever had before.
My day starts at 8am and is non stop until 8pm. My child isn’t much of a napper but if she naps I’m napping right song side of her. So I’m encouraging all moms to ignore the “ you should come out of this with more money or a new skill rhetoric” because it’s nonsense.
Please come out of this quarantine with your sanity, peace, and a closer bond with your child. Please come out of this feeling closer to God. Forgive yourself if you weren’t able to orchestrate a product launch or become a business tycoon during this unexpected time off. No one in the world has any experience with a world wide Quarantine so who’s to say what’s right or wrong. I say enjoy a bath, read a book, watch a YouTube video, or do whatever it is that relaxes you and relieves your stress.
And remember Not everyone has them same 24 hours when you’re parenting young children.



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