Ignite Respect through the Way you Dress

Growing up, as a young girl. My body did very sporadic things. As a child I was small, lean and athletic. Then I became somewhat sedentary, focusing on my artwork and video games. I grew taller and my lack of activity resulted in my Betty spaghetti body. Long skinny legs, short stubby torso, and long skinny arms. As I reached teen years, I evened out in all areas.. except for one area to be specific.

I swear I had the biggest breasts my freshman and sophomore year. And I’m only saying this because people would come to me time, after time again (my fellow classmates) to tell me that I had some watermelons on me. I hadn’t realized they were so big, and I honestly didn’t give it much thought either. I continued with my regular life, wearing and dressing the same way I had before. Something was different at that point though.

People Judged The Way I Dressed

I remember times where I would walk around the house, and get pulled to the side by my mom. She’d tell me that when I don’t wear a bra it makes her husband uncomfortable.

Times when I would walk into the administration office of my school and they would tell me that my shirt was inappropriate (a v-neck long sleeve?) which made absolutely no sense to me.

Even in college when I’d go out with my girlfriends, they’d have a critiquing eye on other women and they way that they’d dress. 

It would lead me to question,
was it the clothes that were the issue.. or was it the body parts?

IF I still had the body of an underdeveloped little girl, would me wearing fitted clothing that accentuated instead of hide my body be such a problem?

So I’m all grown up now, With a daughter to raise. Since I’ve transitioned into this phase of my life, I find that I’m dressing a lot more loosely. Having little desire to accentuate my body with the clothing that I wear everywhere I go. I feel that has a lot to do with how I also feel about my body at this point in time.

Now I’m looking in the mirror asking these same questions,
only from the opposite point of view.

Does my Increase in Clothing have something to say about
how I FEEL about my body? 

Am I judging My Body from the effects it’s endured due to my pregnancy? Do I feel unworthy of being accentuated? 

The Answer To All These Questions, Is Yes.

So How Do I Clothe My Body?

How Do I Gain The Respect and Admiration I Crave Through My Presentation?

From Taking the time to Introspect I’ve Found the Best Ways to Ignite Respect through The Way We Dress.

  1. Dress Based On YOUR Comfort Zone and No One Else.

When you prep to get dressed, are you thinking about other people and how they may perceive you? If so, stop it right now. A lot of us do this, and think it’s normal. It leads us to portray ourselves in ways that are not in line with our true being.

Don’t feel like wearing a bra? Let the girls hang free!

No Undies today? Let the yoni BREATH!

Dress according to what you are comfortable with, not based on what other people are comfortable with. 

2. Integrate Love Into Your Attire

It’s 25 degrees outside and there’s that one girl who decides to wear shorts or summer clothing. We’re all wondering what in the (@&$””:@:&&,&$) is she thinking?

Well, I will say that I have been that woman. Most times, I was literally unaware of just how cold it was and I also hadn’t put any thought into how I should dress, in relation to where I was going, in relation to the temperature outside. 

In other words, I was being a bit careless about my presentation. 

Actually integrating my mood and the life that I’m mindfully living with what I choose to wear shows a massive amount of love and care for my existence. 

 3.  Beauty Is Defined By The Beautiful 
A lot of young girls and grown women dress according to societies standard of beauty. What about your own standard?
The definition on beauty is to be balanced, to be just.
That means to honor your body in relation to all that surrounds it within and without. Being Beautiful means BEING YOU, So ask yourself— who it is you’ve created your image from? Your image is the energy you get up everyday guiding your every action with. Is it uplifting? Does it empower you? 

The only way to know is understanding how you feel without it. Do you feel less beautiful without your weave? Do you feel less worthy without your makeup and eyeliner done a certain way?

The image you’re living in is beautiful when you can loose everything you’ve used to build it, and still FEEL worthy. 

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