I’m in my “nesting” phase

I remember attending a church service where my pastor discussed the expectancy of life’s blessings, and compared it to the actual expectancy period of pregnancy. This particular message is an oldie but goodie for me, because no matter how many times I hear it, it still makes my spirit leap with joy and excitement. There’s just something about, learning about the process God puts us through to prepare us for new levels in life. Anyway, this particular Sunday something dawned on me, and it was one word that links pregnancy with life’s journey/blessings. That word is preparation! During an actual pregnancy a woman’s body prepares to house the fetus for proper growth. She also undergoes outward preparation, which is usually referred to as the “nesting phase”. This is when the mom to be gets the sudden urge to prepare for the new baby, both mentally and physically. This may be the time where she finishes the nursery, gets the house clean/organized or even takes a few lamaze classes. At this point she’s very excited and anxious for the new bundle on the way, but most of all she’s PREPARED and ready for the life adjustment that will soon come.

Now I’m sure, there’s a particular blessing you’re believing God to bring to pass in your life, right?

Congrats my dear, you’re EXPECTING!!

Now it’s time to PREPARE and start your “nesting” phase. Think to yourself, “what can I do now, that will prepare me for (insert goal/blessing here)?” Once you’ve figured it out, put it into action!

Are you believing for God to send you your soulmate? : Start preparing yourself physically and mentally for love. Pray for your union, make plans, celebrate the love of others and get excited for the new thing that’s coming!

Want an increase in your finances? : Look for small ways to save money, create a consciousness of wealth and increase your knowledge about money, while you prepare for the increase.

Ready for a new job or for your business to take off? : Develop the mindset of the manager or CEO that you desire to be now. Make an effort to dress professionally, increase your business knowledge and be faithful to the small clientele you have now.

As we embark upon this new decade… what are you believing God for and how do you plan to “nest” or prepare for it???

Need a little more help with this concept or action plan? Book a coaching session with me today and we’ll get you on the right track. 

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