I’m Sorry

Saying I’m saying is something that most of us have a hard time doing. These two words may seem small; however, they pack a powerful punch. As a matter of fact, saying I’m sorry is something that I struggle with at times.

To give you an example, my wife and I have been dealing with some changes since our daughter was born. As you know, raising a newborn does have its challenges. And since our daughter is our first, there are times when I can get selfish and only think of my needs. To be completely transparent with you all, I had to apologize to my wife this morning.

When this happens, I have to dig deep and remember that it’s not about me. As a husband and father, I have to rise above my selfishness and be as selfless as I can be. The selfishness sometimes leads to anger and I take it out on her.

Minutes later I have to humble myself and say that I’m sorry. I don’t know about you, but for me, it takes effort to do this.

Whatever you’re going through at this moment that has caused you to get outside of your true character, I urge you to apologize to the person that you have offended and say “I’m Sorry”. It may seem small, but it is something that must be done.



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