I’m sorry

We’ve all had offenses in our lives that hurt. Most come and go, but then there’s those that not only linger on, but they stay and make a home in our minds and hearts. It’s time to kick them out! They have to go! They’re taking up space that could and should be occupied by love, healing, growth, ambition, and determination. This space that’s being occupied by that hurt can sometimes come from the apology we never received. They hurt you and never apologized, they never “made it right”. You say you’ve let it go, “I’ve moved on from that”, but what does your life show? Are you bitter? Resentful? Can other’s win and you be happy? Can you be given direction without disagreement? Are you teachable? Can other’s be happy without you grimacing? It’s time to let it go…so here it is. Pause for a moment, Close your eyes (hopefully you can, if you’re reading this you should be at a still POINT NOT DRIVING 🖤) take about 5 good deep breaths and  feel God’s presence. Now HEAR GOD….. I AM SORRY. I’M SORRY THEY ABANDONED YOU. I’M SORRY THEY USED YOU. I’M SORRY FOR EVERY PERSON THAT EVER HURT YOU. I’M SORRY FOR ANY ABUSE YOU EXPERIENCED. I’M SORRY FOR THE RACISM YOU HAVE ENDURED. I’M SORRY YOUR PARENTS DIDN’T SHOW YOU LOVE. I’M SORRY YOU WERE OVER LOOKED. I’M SORRY YOU WERE TRYING TO HELP AND WERE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. I’M SORRY YOUR FATHER LEFT, I’M SORRY YOU LOST A CHILD. I’M SORRY YOU LOST YOUR PARENTS AT A YOUNG AGE. I’M SORRY THEY SAID YOU WERE UGLY. I’M SORRY YOU TRIED LOVE AND THAT LOVE FAILED. I’M SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF YOUR FRIEND. I’M SORRY THEY CALLED YOU FAT. I’M SORRY THEY DIDN’T CHOOSE YOU. I’M SORRY YOUR MOTHER LEFT, I’M SORRY!  I AM SO SORRY….I SINCERELY AM. 

Now exhale and sincerely let it go. You will want to hold on to it, because there’ll be that voice telling you that you need it, that you need that pain. BUT YOU DON’T. That pains holding you prisoner. Taking up space and your life that can be occupied with MANY other great things. Do not only let it go, but be sure to refill that space. There’ll be a void there now because it’s been occupied for so long. Not sure what to fill it with? Invite God into that space. God really is a burden carrier. You do not have to live in the prison of not receiving the apology. That’s a prison of pain. Go ahead and BREAK OUT🙏🏿🖤

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