Importance of Reflection

Why is it important to reflect?

First let’s visit the definition of reflection, serious thought or consideration. Have you ever sat back at the end of your day and had a serious thought about how the day went,
how you responded to situations, have you ever asked yourself if you gave your all, or thought was the things you’ve done was pleasing to God.
As you go through your journey of life, daily reflection are important for several reasons. However, I want to focus on two, Holding yourself accountable and becoming a better version of yourself.

As you answer the questions above you will find out if you are living as the person you say you are. You will discover all your actions are not pleasing to you or God. If you’re in an authoritative position were you hold subordinates accountable for actions, who’s holding you accountable? Daily reflections is a tool to hold you accountable. Once you start holding yourself accountable you start becoming a better version of yourself.

Every day you should want to be better than the day before. Each day you will find yourself elevating to a new mind set and new opportunities.

I will not mislead you and tell you everything will be peachy. As you elevate you can lose friend, family, jobs etc. Everyone will not understand you or agree with you. But remember your journey is not their journey. And God will replace everything you thought you may have lost with more.

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