In order to give life to the new you die (overcome) daily.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to challenge yourself. Yourself as in your physical and carnal nature. The body is so fragile and it loves to feel comforted and pleased every minute of the day. This can be a huge problem for those who desire to grow spiritually and develop their character. The scriptures say that “The Flesh is enmity against God because it’s not subject to his Law, Order that sustains life” which means it is hostile towards your spirit, life force, character, and personal development. When you want to grow and better yourself there will always be resistance. In this moment of resistance you must “Die” to the old you. Allow the new you to live, function and to exist. So when you’re making the decision to eat healthier, to fast, to be abstinent, to do semen retention, to speak positivity, and even to rebuke and correct. These are moments of you dying daily. 


So take the time and actualize who you want to become and who you are now. Think about what’s getting in the way of your self growth. Is there traits, traumas and habits in you that needs to die? If so do what necessary to change that. Peace 



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