Is Healing Possible Without Ambition?

For some of us, our healing journey began, let’s face it, a very, very long time ago. If this is you, you have probably tried any and all methods of healing known to man and still feel like you are not done.


My message of hope for you is that none of your efforts were in vain and all of your efforts have brought you closer to your goal, even if you can’t see or feel it yet. During the decade of working and teaching in the healing field, I’ve noticed a very simple truth – those who are committed to their healing eventually get the results they are looking for.


How do they do this? They persevere on their journey of healing not because they are the strongest, smartest people on earth, but because their internal drive, their commitment to themselves is strong. Stronger than the despair and loneliness that are inevitable sights on the path of a seeker. Stronger than the self-pity and bitterness that come unannounced and refuse to leave until you push them away. Stronger than any preconceived notion of what the healing will look like or whether it is at all possible.


I’ve also noticed that at some point, those who succeed give up talking about the final destination they are reaching for and quietly persevere on their path. Yes, we all have visions of a perfect life, filled with exotic landscapes, breathtaking romances, successful children, perfect jobs, etc. However, at some point, we realize that this destination is less of a place, and more of a feeling.


We realize that while the material success is nice and very much welcome, it won’t mean much, as long as we have this gaping hole somewhere inside that is consuming all the joy and peace of life before we even had a chance to taste it.


Remembering that “happiness is an inside job”, those who succeed keep their focus on their internal work, going through any and all possible self-awareness practices: prayer, meditation, helping less fortunate. While these practices strengthen us and make life easier to deal with, they don’t necessarily bring a lasting feeling of joy and peace. Not for all of us.


When this happens, the path gets harder and the feelings of disappointment and being lost intensify. This is where the committed seekers, driven by their ambition to heal their life, surrender to leaning on other seekers. It is such a paradox that, in order to reach our goal of feeling joy and peace inside, we need presence and support of other human beings, who are just as imperfect as we are.


It is not that these humans are better than we are at seeking. And it is not that they know more than we do. Healing does happen when we join hands, allow others to be our companions, and surrender to the possibility that our healing is possible and we have finally arrived.

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