Is it a relatiinship or a situation?

Being single can have its moments, everyone knows that. But what happens when you meet that special someone? You both hit things off great, great conversation, great dates, great chemistry, everything is great. For some people this is a for sure sign they have met the one. For others, it is a sign that things are going well, but they’re not exactly sure what the future holds long term. All that is okay. Over time things are consistent, you seem to have feelings for one another, but there is still some type of void. You are not in a relationship, but it feels like it. That makes sense, right? You both are sleeping together but are not officially a couple. You are watching each other’s social media wondering if other people commenting on posts are getting the same treatment as you or better. This person hasn’t technically lied about anything and you really don’t have any conflict with each other; but yet nothing is really solid. Although there is a void, the arrangement feels right in its own way. So, you go along with it, but deep down your heart wants more. How can you get more out of something you’re already giving a lot to? The best thing to do is reevaluate. Look at everything and ask yourself “is this really what I want or deserve?” The next best thing to do would be to ask your partner exactly how they feel about you and what you both have. Based on what you come up with by doing those two things, you can come to a decision on what to do next. Your partner may be okay with how things are and does not want to change. Or you may help them realize there’s room for improvement. Whatever the outcome is, you have a choice. If you have reached a love plateau and want more, go for it. If you are okay where you are, reflect and evaluate how it would look a year or two from now. – Lori G. Clark

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