Is the youth being led by imposters?



A leader will lead by example. A leader feels passion, empathy and integrity within their organization. The people trust the word of a good leader. A brighter vision is promised to keep hope alive. The music and entertainment business shows a life many often desire. The youth are often inspired by the lifestyle of a celebrity. Police officers, social media, coaches or instructors and more importantly parents, are leaders of our youth. Unfortunately, deception has presented itself countless of times, leading the youth into a cycle of boisterous events. Communities in America could take some responsibility. Let’s not forget to mention the killing rate of teen boys, suicides, or policemen killing unarmed men. The list continues but these are some major topics, that we struggle with daily. Those that are put in a position to lead, should take advantage of their power, and they should lead by example.




The music industry has struggled to gain trust with upcoming artist or actors. Some music/entertainment companies have a history of destroying reputations. Robert Kelly is a perfect example of deception in his community. The domino effect of things reveals layers of truth people are nervous to unfold. Robert Kelly was the king of R&B. He made hits that moved through generations. Does the status of a person, make a parent forgetful of their child safety? Or does the power as a celebrity, push you to take advantage of others? Children look up to those leading, and its always our job to put a child first. Be honest and understanding. Robert Kelly was wrong for taking advantage of young teens. Parents are responsible as well. The parents shouldn’t have let their guard down because of Roberts celebrity status. Robert Kelly could not have acted alone. The people around, should have disciplined him. At the label, his behavior should not have been tolerated. Being top of the charts is one thing but miss leading the public may never be forgiven. The people fall in love with false characteristics, one does not truly possess.


Police brutality lives in our communities. Killing unarmed men, taking on unnecessary force, falsifying documents for a longer conviction. Police brutality can be associated with racial profiling. Differences in race, religion, politics, or socioeconomic status sometimes exist between police and the citizenry. Policemen are supposed to be protecting our streets. Crime does not lose its definition because a person is in uniform. These leaders have abused their power and should be held accountable. On the 21st of November 2006: Kathryn Johnston was fatally shot in her house by three Atlanta, Georgia undercover police officers, during a drug raid. One of the officers planted marijuana in her house. Three officers were convicted of manslaughter and were sentenced to five to ten years imprisonment. Now imagine if these leaders were good leaders! The outcome of these tragedies could have changed, and a life could have been saved. These disturbing behaviors trickle down to our youth.



Children are the future. If children are not inspired and motivated constantly, then how do we expect them to learn. We become comfortable in the norm and forget there is more to life. A large percentage of communities are faced with not being present enough. Dealing with the current Covid-19 break has shown us, we waste a lot of time outside of our homes. We ignore the cry’s our children have when we are not around. We are faced with a pandemic, that forces many families to work from home. Spend more time with our children and help them with homework. Help them get in touch with their creative sides. Become a more involved parent to show love and integrity. These qualities become a necessity, when children have little to no one, they can look up to. I believe most children with behavioral discrepancies, may have trouble communicating their emotions. They feel a way, that may be uneasy, and fear takes a hold of them. Getting to the root of a problem can really make a person change 360 for the better. Showing a child how to handle real emotions can make a difference in our communities. Realistically it is normal for a child to feel sad, angry, happy, envious, etc. Dealing with these emotions can be difficult for a child. Parents should take responsibility to help cope with these emotions. Children who never learn how to deal with these emotions become adults with the same difficulties. It is a domino effect. With Leaders abusing their power, the youth are affected the most. Hurt people, hurt people. They are hurt people and they keep the cycle. Let’s start a new cycle and communicate with the youth. Be honest! Children of the 21st century are exposed to a lot more then the kids of the 70s and 80s. Parents can take advantage of this and there can be more brighter futures amongst us.



Suicide rates for teens are high from the ages of 13-25. Having the “It can not be me” attitude should stop. “Perceived lack of parental interest is also a major factor in teenage suicide. According to one study, 90% of suicidal teenagers believed their families did not understand them. Depression is the most common cause of suicide. About 75% of those individuals who commit suicide are depressed. Depression is caused by a number of factors, from chemical imbalances to psychological make-up to environmental influences” According to Jhon Bailey of Times Magazine. The signs are there, and it is important we do our research. Educating ourselves is the best way to start. Those that are put in a position to lead, should take advantage of their power, and they should lead by example. Take responsibility for their actions. Be truthful to the youth. Positive attitudes build positive relationships. These tips have the ability to lead the youth by dedicated leaders.  Think the best and the best will happen. Let’s be honest with ourselves, because honestly, I feel incredible being honest with myself!





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