Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?

"Is Your Mindset Reset and Ready for What Comes Next?" is my blog post in which I speak about why our mindset is important and why we should evaluate if we are indeed ready for new beginnings and possibilities in our life. ~Your mindset on life and possibilities of what could be in your life are at the center of your why for what you decide to do next with your life.~Coach Sam

“Every person is born, every person lives, and every person dies. It’s no secret it’s the human life cycle, but what is left behind is a legacy.” And you know I penned those words at the age of 19 and I believe they are just as true today as they were then. Without a doubt, life is a journey of possibilities and adventures, though as we’re going through our day-to-day routines, we might not think about it, we should.

As I look back over my life and forward to the next phase and chapter of my life, one thing I see is growth. I see how the young girl seeking wisdom has grown and still has growing to do, which is alright with me. Because I recognize that mindset is fundamentally key in what we do and how we do it, and as I reflect from where I was to where I am now, I see how simply a change in my mindset made the difference.

So, I ask you is your mindset reset and ready for what comes next? I pose this question because too often, we think yes, I’m ready, bring it on world, I’ve got this, only to find that we weren’t as ready as we thought. And there’s no way around it, no matter how smart, resourceful, or experienced we are I’m sure we all can relate to being in a situation where all the angles we thought we calculated, weren’t.

And there’s no shame in that whatsoever because it takes a mature person to admit that he or she was wrong. And there are definitely worse things than being wrong. In fact, being wrong gives us the opportunity to look at not just our physical actions, but our thought processes that lead us to choose those actions, which is important to do.

Yes, I know it may be uncomfortable, but how often do we jump into something and repeat the process only to get to the end of a situation and realize I went through this already? And this is a major factor in our relational choices be it personal or professional. If your relationships seem to be in disarray, well, I think it’s high time you look at how you do relationships.

Because as Albert Einstein said, it’s insanity to repeatedly to the same thing, the same way, yet expect different results. Besides, as I like to say, in your relationships there’s always one person that is there and that person is you. So, while people do indeed have imperfections, it’s unwise to see life from the view with the mindset that in every situation and circumstance that you contributed nothing to any unfortunate, negative, or toxic experiences you had.

It just isn’t so, and while you could dispute who cause the most damage or who started this or that – the fact still remains that you were involved along the way. So, if you continuously and consistently find life taking you in circles, as much as you may not want to, you must examine you. If you don’t, you are doomed to repeat the same mistake or have the same disappointments over and over again.

And who really wants that? Um no one, yet more than not, through the years, as I listened to people tell their life story, what I heard is people unawarely admitting they did not learn from the past to have the mindset to be ready for what came next. And shifting your mindset is easy to say, but often hard to do because as people we, yes, I said we love to be comfortable.

However, I challenge you to not allow being comfortable be the reason that you live your life in a circle and cycle of misfortune and misery. You see that comfortable place; the comfort zone is a place that’s a double edge sword and we must learn to see it for what it is in all areas of our life – social media connections, business deals, love interest, with family and friends, health and fitness, and the list goes on.  

If we fail to see that we need to have a mindset shift in any area that area of our life will end up unpleasant. Yet, the reality is that the power to change it is in our hands. Because the one thing we have is freedom to choose. To choose to make changes or to choose the same patterns, people, and paths that lead us to any current unhappiness and unfulfillment in our lives.

So, today is the day I encourage you to look at you and choose today to go and do life in such a way that you improve your life while instilling and inspiring others to do the same.

~Your mindset on life and possibilities of what could be in your life are at the center of your why for what you decide to do next with your life.~Coach Sam


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