Is Your Relationship Fatal to Your Life?

"Is Your Relationship Fatal to Your Life?" is a blog inspired by real life events that transpired this past week in my community and in it I discuss three reasons why you need to exit your relationship if it is indeed fatal to your life. ~You can call yourself a queen all day, and while God loves us all the fact is when you’re conscious there are some costs, you’re not willing to pay because you’re aware and cognizant they’re overpriced~ Coach Sam

Is your relationship fatal to your life? If so, I want to talk to you about why you need to exit now.

Now it was a Thursday afternoon and the day started just like any other ordinary day. The weather was nice and the sun was right. I mean bright and shining and even though the sun was out it wasn’t hot or humid. It really was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside.

However, by noon time the situation unfolded with a young girl’s boyfriend speeding down the road way in his vehicle chased down by someone in another vehicle who openly and with no regard for the possibility that something could go wrong or someone innocent could be out and end up in the cross of him firing at this girl’s boyfriend.

And much to my surprised here comes the girlfriend following behind them. Yes, so you have her boyfriend fleeing for his life, the person who’s clearly outraged with him unloading “the heater”, and the girlfriend clearly aware rolling behind the individual who’s trying to take her boyfriend off this Earth.

So, I ask you again is your relationship fatal to your life? If so, you need to exit now for these 3 reasons – clearly your boyfriend is living life headed in the wrong direction, your boyfriend has no regard for his own life, let alone yours, and your boyfriend has enemies in these streets that are ruthless.

Clearly Your Boyfriend is Living Life Headed in the Wrong Direction

Now it’s safe to say that each of us have did something or said something that upset someone else. However, all of us don’t have someone trying to send us to an early grave. Translation when your boyfriend has someone literally chasing him down to take him out, he is living his life headed in a direction that’s going to land him 6 feet under or in an 8 by 10.

And ladies claiming ignorance to what your boyfriend does is not going to help you when trouble comes his way, especially in the incident that I mentioned. Because it’s not that this young lady is unaware, she knows exactly the type of lifestyle this young man lives. And still, she continues to be with him.

I know sometimes ladies you want a “bad boy”, but again bad boys are just that – bad… And you can’t keep thinking you can have a bad boy as your man and then not reap and get the consequences of your actions. Secondly, they’re boys and if you are serious about commitment then as a woman you shouldn’t be running after, enthused with, or dating boys. Boys are not men and having a boy as your future husband is not the mindset of a Queen, especially a Conscious Queen.


Your Boyfriend Has No Regard for His Own Life, Let Alone Yours

Listen to me and hear me when I tell you when a young brother is willing to live life with the consequences of someone shooting at him, he’s not thinking long term about how his daily choices endanger his own life. If he was, he wouldn’t continue down that path. Now you may not want to hear that, but it’s true.

When you value anything, you treat it as such. And to hold something in regard is to protect it, to care for it, to value it. It’s not possible he values his life when he’s risking it behind doing things that he shouldn’t be doing. It’s not possible that he cares for it when he’s doing things that are illegal. And it’s not possible that he wants to protect it when he’s engaged and content with using it to do immoral things.

So, he if can think so little about his life, yours is definitely not on his radar. Truth is it’s your responsibility to ensure that whoever you’re dating knows how you feel about you and how you see life. And if you’re in a relationship going through the motions dating a guy without setting boundaries that let him know your life is valuable you’ve got some inner work to do.

Your Boyfriend Has Enemies in These Streets That Are Ruthless

Ruthless! It does have a place. Yet that when that place is at the cost of your well-being and safety that is a price that’s unacceptable. Or at least it should be. You see again in this situation the young man and young lady were in separate cars. However, very easily they could have been out together or with each other at one of their houses.

Then what? Because last I checked just because bullets have intended targets doesn’t mean that intended targets get the bullets that were indeed meant for them.

Do you think someone in the frame of mind to go after someone in this fashion – in broad daylight is going to be thinking well, I just need to get the person I’m after? So that means your boyfriends enemies are in essence your enemies, especially when you’re letting him loose in your car!! Yes, you’ve read that right.

I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it too many times. And you must understand when your man has enemies his enemies don’t care whose car, he is in. And some of you ladies, as in this case then swap cars with your man. It sounds crazy, I know, and whether she’s driving his car or has alternate transportation is beyond me. But either way it’s not a wise decision to make or relationship to continue.

So, I want you to look at the situation you find yourself in and ask yourself three questions:

If someone would come after the man, you’re dating like that what would happen if you were standing right next to him?

If someone were mad at him for any reason, what do you believe the worst-case scenario for you would be?

If his lifestyle puts me in a fatal situation, why do I stay?

And be honest with yourself because if the worst-case scenario ends with you in the hospital or in a body bag, or even in jail then you’re in a relationship that is fatal to your life and you shouldn’t be, especially if you call yourself a Queen. Because being a Queen means you’re conscious and conscious people count the cost in everything that they do.

~You can call yourself a queen all day, and while God loves us all the fact is when you’re conscious there are some costs, you’re not willing to pay because you’re aware and cognizant they’re overpriced~ Coach Sam

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