Is Your Talking Purposeful?

Today's blog post "Is Your Talking Purposeful?" was inspired by my own life. As I sat listening to others explain why they believe certain phrases are abrupt or come across as rude in conversations it made me think about how often people speak and don't speak for the sake of purpose and at same time how people can speak with purpose and the person(s) they spoke to missed it. ~If you're talking isn't purposeful then at its core you are building a relationship that won't weather the storms of life.~ Coach Sam

Have you ever been out at the store – maybe you were shopping and you got to the checkout line and all of a sudden the person in front of you or maybe even behind you or possibly even a cross from you just starts talking to you?


And they’re telling you their business, all their personal business – maybe they are telling you that their day did not go well and everything that happened that led up to this moment? And you’re finding yourself wondering why did this person just start at random speaking to me as telling me their whole life story?


At that point, you’re wondering what is the purpose if this ever happened to you? So what I’m going to talk to you about today is 3 reasons why when you’re building a relationship when you’re in the dating phase you need to make sure you’re talking is purposeful.


Number one you want to make sure that you are learning about this person. So if you’re dating a person, of course you do not know this person. You may have recently met them or maybe you’ve been talking to them for a few months, but as you’re talking to this person you need to be making sure that you are learning about them.


And if you are not having purposeful conversations with them, it is not possible that you’re learning the most important things about them. And so, a lot of times we can get into relationships and we’re just in them and we’re conversating and although we’re conversating and we may be doing it every day, the talking that we’re doing is not purposeful.


And in many ways, we are not learning the most important things about them and it is extremely important if you’re going to be building with this person especially for a lifetime.


Number two – understanding. So, if you again are dating a person, you should understand them. And if you don’t understand them there are things about them that you are not understanding and that good comes through communication.


Again, if you’re talking to them and the conversations that you’re having they are not conversations where you understand what they are communicating to you then really you are not conversing.


Yes, you’re talking but you are not actually communicating. Because when you are truly communicating with someone what they are saying to you – you are understanding it. And then once you understand it, you’re able to respond to what they have said.


That’s why you need to make sure that when you’re dating especially when you’re dating that you are having conversations to where you are being understood but also that you are understanding the other person.


That way you all can truly have a solid foundation that you’re building on.

And lastly you need to make sure that you’re deciding. Okay.  You may be thinking deciding? Yes, because again you don’t want to date this person forever. If a man is dating you and dating you and you’ve been dating him for years and years and years and is not leading to a commitment then you have to ask yourself will you ever get a commitment from this man.


So, you need to be deciding as you’re having these conversations with him. Because again if you were talking and you’re talking purposefully you should be getting information and understanding about him, what he’s needs, his wants and how his needs and wants align with your life and your lifestyle and the things that you want out of life.


Because if you’re not doing that you could very well get a commitment from him and then the relationship still doesn’t work out because you all have not had those crucial conversations to where you understand what he needed and wanted and expected out of a wife and vice-versa for you as wanting her husband.


So again, those three things you need to make sure that you are doing. So, to make sure that your conversations are purposeful you need to make sure that you’re learning about them, make sure that you’re understanding them, and you need to make sure you are making an informed decision about whether to continue dating them to whether you can know that this man could possibly be a good spouse for you for lifetime.

~If you’re talking isn’t purposeful then at its core you are building a relationship that won’t weather the storms of life.~ Coach Sam


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