It takes a Life of Hustle and Survival to Attain a Life of Luxury!

My name is Danielle Rubio and I wanted to share with you some of the pivotal aspects of my life that led me to become a Certified Life Coach and open my business “Atara Luxury Life Coaching”

Luxury is usually thought of in a materialistic sense or in a monetary value.  However, the real luxury in life Is your Inner Peace, your mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  No material possessions can provide that type of luxury.  You can own every materialistic possession you desire or can afford, however if you have not done the inner work to heal and grow, you will always struggle with a feeling of lack and unhappiness.  A price cannot be placed on the type of Luxury my service provides.  You must be willing to have a ruthless level of transparency with yourself to evaluate the Root and Core of your life’s behind the scene to determine what changes are necessary.  Only then will you begin to feel genuinely fulfilled in your life.  One change may be necessary to shift your Comfort in Complacency to Living in your Peace and Purpose.  Only when you start living your most authentic life both in Public and in Private, is when you can say you truly live a Life of Luxury!

I remember as a child growing up in Trinidad, the demand of the Education System and being the highest performer was a number one priority to meet the Societal and Cultural expectations.  Even though we are West Indian from the Caribbean Islands, we still carried the heavy burdens of our ancestors from our East Indian descendants from India.  I’m certain you have all been told by your parents or family, regardless of your cultural background “What will other people think?”  This stigma engulfed my world and the pressure to be the brightest and highest performer was always at my forefront.

One day, I was in Standard 3, around 9 years old, which in America is considered 5th Grade; I had an upcoming spelling test.  My mother was a stay at home mom who spent all her time dedicated to the education of my sister and I.  When she picked me up from school that day, I showed her my list and told her I wanted to score 100% on my test because I wanted to prove to my teacher that I could perform just like the most popular and most liked kids in my class because I could tell this teacher had a certain dislike for me.  My mother studied those 10 spelling words with me that night, over and over until the words rolled off my tongue like a song.  I woke up the next morning confident and ready to take on this test.  As I sat at my desk, fidgeting with my confidence to ace this test, the teacher began to call out the words and I diligently started to take my test.  At the end, I patiently waited for my test to be graded, knowing that I would score 10/10; to my surprise, my test was returned with a 9/10.  I reviewed the word “Favorite” which was marked incorrect, however was spelt correctly. I asked my teacher if she could double check my test because I knew the word was spelt right.  She refused and told me that she is the teacher and what she wrote on the paper was correct.  I went home in tears that day because I was afraid to disappoint my mother after we studied so hard together.  When I told my mother, what happened and showed her my test, she was furious, how dare this teacher refuse to correct her mistake.  My mother went to my school the next morning to confront the teacher.  This teacher insulted my mother and told her there was no way that I could’ve scored 100% on my test and that I would’ve had to cheat in order to get all the words correct.  She told my mother that your daughter is not that bright and does not shine like the other children that score 100’s in her class.  Even though the teacher corrected her error, I could tell her words broke my mother’s heart, however, my mother stood strong and said to her “One day you will see my daughter back here in your classroom to visit and she will be somebody and make something of herself, even if you don’t believe in her.”   I immigrated to America when I was only 13 years old and started working part time at an Attorney’s Office, I worked at this firm for many years.  I learned every aspect of the operations of this firm and was grateful that the attorney took me under his wing.  He had me study statutes from his law books, helped with drafting court documents, mentored me on different aspects of the law and how to always treat people with integrity and respect.  I was honored that a man of this caliber saw something in me that made him want to invest his time into mentoring me.

When I was 15, I returned to Trinidad on vacation and the first stop I made was to this teacher, I wanted to rub it in her face that her negativity and insults to me didn’t stop me from excelling in life.  However, when I got to her classroom and I saw the students sitting there just like me at their age, I had a change of heart on how to address this teacher.  Instead of addressing her with animosity and insults, I chose to thank her.  I thanked her for doubting me, I thanked her for belittling my mother, because if it wasn’t for that experience I would not have been motivated to come to America and shine my brightest! To be the FAVORITE amongst my teachers in America! To be the SHINING STAR in every classroom and job because I was considered advanced and gifted in this country.  From that day, I promised myself that my purpose in life was to serve and protect others who are not brave enough to speak up for themselves.  To empower those who have been told they are not good enough or not smart enough.  To lead those who I am given the responsibility to mentor with my utmost Integrity, Morals, Values and Principles.

Fast Forward to present day, I’ve dedicated the past 10 years of my life in the Leadership Field to a World-Renowned Hospital in Tampa, Florida.  In my time here, I’ve been through 3 CEO’s, several changes in Leadership and a culture of “Everyone is Replaceable”, if they do not fit into the box of the systemic agenda of the organization.  Now let me be clear, not every leader I’ve worked with leads this way.  I have come across some of the most compassionate and inspiring leaders who’ve changed my life and mentored me to be the leader I am today.  However, in my present circumstance I find that as the leaders I once looked up to were promoted into higher roles within the company, instead of adapting to the new culture of the organization which the new CEO has put into place, they’ve readjusted their manipulation of the policies and processes to find ways to “clean house” of the team members they consider dead weight.  As the world changed a year ago when we went into a Pandemic, instead of these leaders supporting the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of their team members, they instead attempted to punish them for using their rightfully earned Medical Leave and manipulated it to seem as though the team member could not meet their duties due to the inconsistency of being unable to be present at work often times due to life changes from the Pandemic.  The public thanks their Health Heroes for keeping them safe and for sacrificing themselves on the front lines, however, the leadership of these Health Heroes have made their own team members sick with their unrealistic expectations of normal human beings.  Team Members that are dealing with loss, not just of their family and friends, but of their patients.  Team Members that are dealing with anxiety and depression because they are fully aware of the abuse of power that is happening, the broken trust in their leadership and working daily in fear of losing their jobs.

I can personally attest that I have watched all these things occur to my team members and myself included.  I have seen members of my team break down in tears from fear and anxiety of using their Medical Leave because they knew they were being targeted.  I have been forced to tell team members that this is the cost of business and business needs to go on with or without them.  I’ve even been told these things myself.  I have been discriminated against due to my race and my marital status.  Told that because I am the only single one amongst my peers, there is a perception that the lifestyle I live is too lavish and I should not publicize it because it makes my peers feel beneath me.  I have been accused of having personal relationships with members of upper leadership because I’m single, dress nicely, and seem to “travel and party” too much.   I have been asked to censor my social media even though it has caused no threat to the organization because of the perception of others.  I have been accused of faking my Medical Condition which was onset by the pressures and stress of my position and the responsibility I have to my team to protect them from this abuse of power.  Many will ask, why don’t you make a report to Human Resources? They are supposed to protect the employee.  Well, that is the largest misconception of a Human Resource Department in this type of Organization.  Ultimately, the Human Resource Department is to protect the organization, any team member that threatens to expose the toxic culture or stand up for their rights is considered a liability to the organization, they are categorized as problematic.  After some time, suddenly, these employees become targets, they are micromanaged and punished for every human error they make, they are viewed as a pest that needs to be exterminated so no attention is brought to the toxic leadership they are working under.  These hard-working health heroes are being abused for being fragile in their emotional, physical, and especially mental state, while they also deal with their personal life changes in a Pandemic.  With my Utmost honesty, I can tell you that I have ONE stain on my record with this organization, which I took full accountability for because again I was protecting my team.  This ONE disciplinary action I have on my personnel file, which is over three years old in over a DECADE of service has been spun in so many directions.  It has been manipulated in every possible way you can think of, to continue to tarnish my name and reputation, to falsely attack my character and credibility, and made to seem that it is about my performance and the rebuilding of trust with people whom I have exposed in abusing of their power.

There is a saying by Mahatma Ghandi “If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind.  Speak your mind.  Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” 

They have tried to censor me, abuse me, tell me who I am and what I stand for, punish me for protecting the people that have been placed in my care to lead.  They have tried to diminish my light because it shines too bright to fit inside their conditioned box of approvals.  But, here is the beauty of this story, OTHER PEOPLES PERCEPTION OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!! Everything I’ve ever been through, sat through, rose through, cried through, prayed through, EVERYTHING is a set up for your next best season.  In the way you forgive the perceivably unforgivable, the way you love the perceivably unlovable, the way you accept what seems to be unacceptable, the way you embrace after you’ve been betrayed, the way you perform these actions is the way you will lead others.  Your light belongs to everyone who will be illuminated because you were bold enough and obedient enough to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!! And every time you cross someone’s path and they can’t handle your light, who try to give you a reason why you should tone it down a bit, to overlook the injustices of what is being done to hard working people trying to make an honest living, you know those people right?  Dream Snatchers, Vision Busters, Oppressive Leaders, friends or lovers gaslighting the people that have entrusted them with fragile parts of their lives.  Don’t be mad at them, because they can only love and lead to the capacity they’re able to love themselves.  Instead, pray for them, love them, because they are dealing with themselves, like we are dealing with us.  However, I want you to remember, it’s never over for you because of the false perception of others.  DON’T PUT A PERIOD WHERE GOD PUT A COMMA!!!  Stop Dimming your light and instead say “Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” and TURN IT UP!! You’re going to find people that can’t handle your light and before today, you might have dimmed your light, you most likely shrunk yourself to fit into the false expectation of their reality.  But, after today, you DON’T DARE DIM YOUR LIGHT!! And as your light gets brighter you’re going to disrupt some people, and they’re going to tell you, “Your light is too bright.”  You just look at those people and say, “Well I’m not dimming my light, I’m just going to hand you some shades!!”


*Love & Light*

Danielle Rubio

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