It was me that time

Are you a go getter? Have you excelled academically? Were you known for your popularity or sports performance in school? Do you constantly seek promotions and ranks at your job? Are you married? If the answer to any of those questions are yes then congratulations. You know what hard work is like. You know what being passionate about something is like. You know how to be disciplined enough to achieve your goals. You are awesome. Woo-hoo!! Those are great accomplishments. Who are you beyond those things though? Do you know? Have you thought about it? If you lost a title, position, rank, or got divorced, could you regroup? Where would you begin? Those are hard questions. You really have to sit and think about the answer actually, but I want to open your mind to something. In school I was considered an “over achiever.” Any kind of award I could get my hand on, I went for it. When I worked I HAD TO BE a manager. I had to rank in the top performers every month. Now is there anything wrong with that, HECK NO. As they say “shoot for the stars!” but when life took a turn for me and I wasn’t doing those things anymore I found myself at an interesting crossroad. I found out my identity RESTED in my achievements. Yeah I was nice with a fun personality, but I relied on my achievements for validation. I told myself I was good enough for anything because I was an achiever. If I could achieve in performance and academics there wasn’t room for anything to be left unfulfilled. I was only fooling myself. Eventually a time came where I had to ask myself: if I’m no longer in the same positions reaching the same goals getting the same recognition, what’s left about me? That question hit me like a ton of bricks. Why? Because it put me in a position to find out what happened or what was missing that I got to that point in the first place. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the answer. Nevertheless, I did the work and addressed the issues. And let me tell you, once I got to ME, everything was so much better. I was caught in my achievements and lost sight of myself. I realized those achievements were an addition to me, and not me as a whole. (of course if you’re married you and your partner are one) But okay, now what? Well, when you reach a plateau like I did you decide. You decide who you are, what you want for your life, how you will handle the cards you’ve been dealt (good or bad) address the issues that got you to this point, and do you! You may be an executive at a company, but never forget you’re an amazing person beyond that. You may run a six figure business, but you’re an amazing person beyond that. Take time today to think about you. Who you are and what your identity is. I’m here to tell you, you’re amazing beyond a title or achievement. -Lori G. Clark

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