It wasn’t me

"If you're busy pretending to be someone else you're going to miss out on your opportunities and blessings."

Ooh… Yass honey 🍯😍Look at her, snatched in at the waist, Big Boobies, Big Lips 💋…  #instalike Swip left to see the real picture 📷 The real person Her waist isn’t so snatched. Her forehead is a bit larger. Her boobies a lot smaller (Thank God that her nipples are too) her chin is a bit longer… #instajudgement Someone else did this to my picture (not me) & sent it to me, to show me how they perfected my picture 🙃 Perfect in who’s eyes? Not mine. I actually like the real Robin better. I wonder if I would have felt the same way 10 years ago. With age comes wrinkles, bags & dents. But w age also comes maturity, self love, & acceptance. We all heard it “Comparison is the theft of joy” But what about “Beauty in my eyes, but not yours” ? BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. We all have our own standards of what is beautiful. So does God. God made you to be your own kind of Snowflake ❄🙏🙌 Side note 📝 I was born a blonde. Was a blonde all the way until I was 21 when I went dark, and stayed dark for almost two decades. Met my now ex husband as a Burnette. He perfers my hair dark. 😍 I went back blonde a few years back and I love it. I feel more like myself. When we were still married he begged me to go back dark, but I refused to change myself to fit someone else’s standards of beauty. He told me that he didn’t fall in love with a blonde with glasses. (I had to start wearing eye glasses to see when I was around 35) My thoughts were “You’re right. You didn’t fall in love with me. You fell in love with the person I pretended to be to gain acceptance” and that my friends is why he’s my ex. Embrace who you are. I wasn’t born to have big boobies. I was born a late bloomer who later was so grateful that those little money makers are still looking  like they belong to a 19yr old. 😄🙌 We have our own unique qualities. Don’t pine over the qualities of another. I promise they are wishing that they had your eyes 👀 or smaller ears 👂🤔 See you didn’t even notice their ears. “Isn’t that weird” -Goldmember  If you’re busy pretending to be someone else you’re going to miss out on your opportunities and blessings. #ROBINGK81

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