Its all in how we see it.

Just because the pieces fit doesn't mean its true.

Have you ever played that online word game where you have a number of letters to create words… You get points when you create the same words the game recognizes… today I came up with several really great words using all the letters, but they weren’t recognized by the game… it dawned on me that in life we are always trying to play investigator… trying to get a picture of the person we’re interested in…   We gather tidbits of information from various sources and create this mosaic of the person before we have even made their acquaintance.  If the information comes from someone with the wrong mindset, all the pieces will come together to make a picture, yet, those same tidbits of information coming from a right mindset can make a different picture.   Be careful who you’re listening to, because just like I was able to create several incorrect words with the same letters that were used in the correct words, people who are coming from a negative mindset will use the “facts” to create a picture that is possible but maybe not true.  Remember.. Just because all the pieces fit doesn’t mean its true.  All the pieces can fit together in both a good and bad picture….

Peace and Blessing 



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