It’s All Part of the Plan

Some information on what my self-mastery work consists of and how I got started.
Some people only know me as a poet, novelist, or copy editor; and I’m most definitely those things, always and forever. But over the years, my writing and personal experiences have launched one of the most important parts of my career, as a Self-Mastery Catalyst. Through my poetry and other books, I’ve turned my passion and advocacy for strong self-esteem into a more expansive way for me to touch people’s lives and help them advance. This venture is called Honor the Spirit.
For some people, it’s strange seeing me constantly posting and talking about building great self-esteem, finding your life’s mission, and knocking out life challenges, when they met and experienced me as a novelist, editor, and/or spoken-word artist first. But the beauty in doing those things is that they were all part of this bigger picture, which I was totally unaware of until I noticed a clear theme in all of the writing I was doing, and even in my work as an editor: living in a way that brings the most peace of mind and greatest feelings about self. I figured out through tons of trial and error, tears and frustration, rude awakenings and hurt feelings, that the only way to live a life of peace is to honor my spirit by being as true to myself as possible, no matter who it offends. By doing this, I noticed that my self-esteem skyrocketed, which transformed my whole demeanor. I slept better, was happier, smiled more, was nicer, more tolerant and patient, and developed more compassion for others.
A slew of my personal stories are in my books, and many are in my blog posts. I also tell various [extended version] published and unpublished stories to my clients, as I help them get clear on their lives. I’m very confident in my teaching because I’ve lived, paid close attention to, and learned really well from the “before,” and can speak in detail about it; and I know how peaceful the “after” is.
Social media isn’t where people will get the deep, detailed stuff from my life. It’s not the place where people can learn the most about who I am, what I’ve done, and been through. That’s for the books and that good ole one-on-one connection.
My journey is, of course, never ending. I’m never gonna be perfect. I don’t feel awesome about myself or my life 24 hours a day. That’s not realistic. Challenges creep in, sometimes burst in with vigor, and try to take me down. But what I know how to do really well is get back to my center quickly, because I know how to not let them control me. That’s self-mastery. It’s all day, every day, but totally worth it.

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