It’s Much More Than Being Alone

Upgrade your quiet time so you can upgrade your clarity.
When I ask my clients when the last time was that they engaged in quiet time, most of them think I mean spending time alone. They usually give an answer that involves them relaxing at home, listening to music or watching a movie by themselves That’s definitely one aspect of it, but that’s not what I’m asking.
I’m asking: when was the last time you literally spent time alone, in total silence, in your waking hours, listening to and assessing your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, paying attention to what’s going on in your spirit, hearing what it’s asking you for? I don’t mean the time right before you fall asleep. I mean being somewhere, alone, alert, with no distractions. No phone usage. No TV. No internet usage.
At that point, I usually get silence from them. More like, lightweight confusion falls across their faces. Because why would you just be or sit somewhere in total silence for “no good reason”? The good reason is that you can’t properly assess your true needs, desires, and feelings when you constantly have something going on in the background vying for your attention. You need total silence to get deep, to get real, to get clear, to realize and admit certain things about yourself and your life, and to devise your game plan for advancement.
You may think having soft music on in the background isn’t a distraction, but it is. In your time of silence, the only thing you should be able to hear is what’s happening outside, if that’s the kind of environment you’re in at the time. If you’re outside for your quiet time, like taking a walk, the goal is to do it without music or a podcast, or whatever other distractions you may have going when you’re out and about. However, I don’t necessarily recommend doing your quiet time outdoors unless it’s in an environment that’s set up for total silence, like an empty park or beach, or your car, etc. It can’t be an area where you’re liable to get distracted by things and other people.
For people who are unfamiliar with true quiet time, doing it may feel very uncomfortable. Many people are afraid of themselves. Many people don’t like themselves or their own company. They’re afraid to listen to their deepest thoughts because there’s so much chaos in their minds for which they [think they] can do nothing about. There’s too much pain. Too many bad memories. But if you can’t be by yourself, in total silence, you’re gonna be hard-pressed to be in a position to not only develop self-love but also consistently move through your challenges and pursue your best interests in the healthiest way.
Can you sit in silence, alone, no phone, TV, or music, for 30 minutes today?
If you need help clearing the path so you can love yourself better, I’m here. Come see about me, so I can help you see about YOU.

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