It’s never too late to start over

This weekend I actually made myself rest. I reset everything in my mindset.  I had to start all over again with my thinking. I understand that it was time to hit the reset button. I had been dwelling on old news and people. I had to keep blocking people who were no longer important to my life. I had to keep focusing on newness in my life. I had to refocus on how to love myself even more as a single. I am striving to do my best instead of being and having  a mediocre single life.

So what does all of this mean? It means I am accepting of the fact that the universe clearly has more for me to do than focus on being in love with a man at this time. I believe that the universe is calling for me to write more books, (check out 97 Ways to Senior Proof your home), mentor new nurses, encourage women that have been through the wringer in relationships and to be a full-time entrepreneur.  This is all not going to be an easy feat. It is going to be stressful at times. However as an employee it gets stressful. Now I see these days as training ground for what’s to come. I bless all of my future projects. I may not always get it right but I definitely will learn from each experience. Each experience will push me forward to being and living my best life yet. 

It really is about mindset. 

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Written by Sophie Wells June 15th 2020

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