It’s Never Too Late

I think that the title says it all!

First and foremost, I ask for Grace this evening, as I am not sure if you noticed but it is my desire to write a blog post every Monday. ¬†Well this Monday was a little different, I became overwhelmed with stuff. ¬†I had a meeting that started at 7:00 PM and went for like 90 minutes. ¬†When I was done with that, I had to be a wife, and with all of the other distractions of the day, I just totally forgot until this moment. ¬†Please know that I am not making nor do I want to use my overload of work as an excuse. ¬†However I do want to be transparent and say that “It’s Never Too Late”. ¬†It is never too late, to do what you are supposed to do, what you signed up to do. ¬†I am a woman of my word, and my word and promise to myself was that I would write every Monday. ¬†Well just because I forgot means nothing. ¬†I forgot, so here I am asking for your Grace, as I am only human. ¬†This is not the first mistake that I have made, and it is certainly not going to be the last. ¬†

The difference is that I know when to admit my mistake, ask for forgiveness and move-on and try again. ¬†Just like now, no I did not get my post up on Monday evening, but here it is Wednesday and I writing about it. ¬†So my post will go up (a couple of days later than I wished) but it’s not too late. ¬†I could have said “you know what, I didn’t put my post up on Monday, oh well it will be fine I’ll just wait until next week) NOPE! that was not good enough for me, as that meant that I basically said screw the promise I made to myself and to my audience and acted as though nothing happened, as if I didn’t mess up. ¬†Well, I messed up and writing tonight is fixing that. ¬†As I thought about the topic for this week. ¬†(which they usually align with my Podcast) The Podcast Relationship Rules, OUR RULES|OUR WAY, had to be postponed this week due to an emergency. ¬†Well as I was thinking about the topic this week. ¬†I thought and thought and thought, and then said you know what Catt? ¬†You didn’t put your post up on Monday, but it’s not too late…… ¬†That spoke to me and so I wanted to write a little something this evening to encourage you and to tell you that “It’s Never Too Late”. ¬†

It is never too late to:  1. Start that business you always wanted to start 2. Go back to school and get that degree that you promised yourself and your family.  3. Write that book that you have always dreamed of.  4. Take that vacation of a lifetime.  5. Do one or more of the things on your bucket list. (you fill in the blank(s))  5. _____________________   6. ___________________  7. __________________ 8. ___________ 9. ___________________  10. ___________________ 

I have faith in you, and I know that you have faith in yourself. ¬†You can do whatever you put your mind to. ¬†It is never too late. ¬†(I don’t think that I can say that enough in this post). ¬†I want to say it as many times as it takes for you to believe that it is never too late. ¬†As a matter of fact. ¬†Pick the top 3 things that you want to do, write them on a post-it, put them on your bathroom or bedroom mirror, along with another one that says: It’s Never Too Late!!! ¬† Look at them everyday, and everyday tell yourself that it is never too late, and create an action plan to do whatever you have written on your Post-It. ¬†Send me a message let me know some of your Never Too Late’s and then let me know once you complete them, so that I can celebrate with you. ¬†

If you need a start, push, and/or continued support, and a cheerleader at the finish line, I am just a message away.  Good Luck to You and remember:  It Is Never Too Late!!!!!   

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