It’s Not in Vain!

Today I had a coaching call and after the call ended I broke into tears. I wasn’t sad, but it was more so tears of gratitude. I realized that we are put here to be of service to others. The things that we go through in life is meant to help us grow so that we can help others. On the call I realized that the young ladies’ story was so similar to mines. It was in that moment that I internally thanked God for all that He has brought me through. Because of what I went through, I was able to help this other woman on her journey to overcome some of the things that she is going through. 

Never for a moment think that what you are going through is in vain. You may not see the purpose of it now, but whatever the lesson is, it will become a tool for your future. I want nothing more than to help women to overcome issues of pain, lack of self- love and lack of confidence. I just want women to know that they don’t have to settle for what society or family tells them to be. Had I not gone through my own lessons so far, I wouldn’t even be in a position to help. 

So be willing to get through your struggles, no matter what they may be because I can assure you that none of it is in vain. The lessons you get from life are priceless. Being able to use those lessons as tools to help others is even better.

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