It’s not to late for purpose, step one

We all have goals & visions; things we want to accomplish & experience in life, & certain kinds of people we aspire to be, but sometimes where we want to go & where we currently are can be so completely different that it seems impossible to reach. 

We begin to think about all the work we’d have to do to get there, & all the things about ourselves & our lives that would have to change in order for us to take hold of our desires. We become overwhelmed & slowly those goals & visions become intimidating or unrealistic & we never seem to muster up the courage or diligence throughout our lives to reach them.


I’m here to tell you today, no matter how far you are from where you want to go if you’d just take those first few steps you’d be surprised at how much God can bless you & how far you can go despite how impossible it may seem.

“The enemy” seeks to hold us back from our purpose & he counts on us to be fearful & defeated. We have to trust that no matter what stage we’re at in life or what challenges we believe lay ahead before we can experience our hearts desires.  that God has equipped us with everything we need mentally, physically, spiritually to accomplish every one of our goals.

But before we can do anything we have to be willing to take the first step. One step can be the start of a new journey & a life filled with purpose.

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