It’s Not You; It’s Me

When you're the one disturbing the peace.
We know that in order to maintain our peace, we have to stand up to those who are attempting to disrupt it.
But what about when WE are the ones responsible for disrupting our peace?
Ooooop! 😲 Yep! I said it! Sometimes it’s our fault. 😩😭 When we don’t take proper care of ourselves, it eventually causes physical and emotional upset. Where’s the peace in that? How can we speak out against others but not ourselves?
One of the ways I’ve been disrupting my own peace lately is by not practicing bedtime self-discipline. Honestly, I’m exhausted most days, yet I struggle with wrapping things up at a decent hour and going to bed in a timely manner. It’s a vicious cycle because I know I won’t sleep well, which will result in my further exhaustion. And we all know there’s absolutely no peace of mind in that scenario.
I’m determined to stand up to the part of me that insists on consistently being reckless with my sleep time.
Because my peace is unavailable for my self-neglect.
What’s one way you’ve been careless with your peace? Are you working on it? Has the problem been resolved?

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