It’s ok to make it about YOU!

If you want true healing and to live your best life, you have to take some time to put the focus on you. Healing is not for the weak! I know we’ve all seen the pictures of the woman mediating on the beach or in some secluded area. She has her eyes closed with a slight smile enjoying her peace and being “free”, but no one talks about the real. No one shows the pictures of makeup smeared, eyes red and puffy, snot nose process of healing. Like I said it’s not for the weak.
It takes time and intentionality to invest in you. You have to do the work, you have to break the cycle, it all starts with you! So when you decide to heal, understand you have to prepare yourself to be broken again. Did you hear what I just said? You HAVE TO prepare yourself to be broken again, it’s not an option if you want to see real results. Healing does not mean you just put a band-aid on your scars and force your mind to move on like nothing ever happened. That’s not proper healing, that’s cause for another heartbreak.
True healing happens when you feel the pain and reflect on what to do differently so that it doesn’t happen again. You cannot heal from things you choose to avoid. That’s why you have to make the process personal. Do an internal check up on you. How do you feel? Why are you acting out this way? What is the root cause of it all? See what I mean? Healing is going to require you to go deep. It may take you months, it may take you years, but never doubt the process. It’s only a matter of how bad you want it, that will change everything.

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