It’s okay to start over

Remember that time in your life you wanted a particular job so bad? You were nervous, but yet hopeful of one day having the chance to work at that one particular job. Well the time came, they had an opening and you applied. You were nervous but hopeful that your skills would land you the job. The day of the interview comes, and you’ve done everything you think you could do to be ready. After the interview you have mixed feelings about how good or bad you did, but a week later you get a call. You got the job! Exciting right? You start your new job full of energy, punctuality, and overall you’re thrilled about this new journey. Five years go by and you’re still thankful for your job, but you feel like it’s caving in or changing. You don’t feel the same anymore. That feeling you once had of excitement now feels like a regular old routine. Well…..What now? I can honestly say many people go through this, probably more than you realize. I’m here to tell you if you’re ever faced with losing passion for a job and seek another one, it’s perfectly fine. With the right steps, positive mind, and willingness; you can leave a job you once truly loved for something new. Just take the first step! – Lori G. Clark

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