There is a mighty, mighty work ahead of us. We must manage ourselves accordingly! No one can do you like you can! So, do what is necessary for you to become. And be who you are designed to be! Amen, Amen! And so we will. -Celestine


Another day

A better way

To build a life

A stronger way

Hand in hand

Lord I stand

Another day

A better way

Giving thanks

The Lord I pray

Another way

For another day


-Celestine R. Snell, A Healing Motions Productions, 2012.  POETRY FOR A LIFE TIME, The Etches and Sketches of My Life Story

Thank you all so much for so much.  Starting this week I will be posting 5 days.  Giving myself the weekends off from now on!  I have my previous courses to delve into!  Because I want to be a refined piece of God’s art work.  And I will.  Yes I am.  Ready to be!  Peace & Love

I have 15 books available for sale at $15.00 each.  My book has a notes book in the back, including several of my quotes.  Encouraging you to write your own story.  Write down your thoughts and feelings about what you have read and so on.  It is there to motivate you!  To inspire you!  To become???  😇Blessings!


Celestine Snell

P.O.BOX 23190, Baltimore, MD 212O3-5190.  443-272-1115 

PayPal, Cash App, Square.  Talk to me!

If you really want to know a deeper side of me.  You’ll find some good and indifferent stuff about me there.  No weekend calls please.  Remember I will be off from now own delving into my life courses.  🙏🙏🙏!


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