It’s on You!

One of my favorite coaches says it this way – nothing changes unless you do! Such a sobering truth. When you’ve lived a life trying to recover from the things that did happen to you, it can be a difficult and daunting task to accept how much is now in your control. Recovery is hard. And in a lot of ways, there is always work that will need to be done internally to keep pursuing wholeness.

As you begin this year with optimism and your eyes set on new goals, I want to encourage you that no matter how hard the challenges may be, you are in control. Your thoughts, your actions, your attitude, your mindset, your feelings, all have one thing in common – they need your permission.

You have a 100% success rate of making in through all the bad days that seemed impossible. That alone is proof that you can persevere when you choose to move forward. So in 2024, keep moving. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck. You might get distracted or derailed, but you don’t have to stay there. And you don’t have to plow forward alone, get some accountability. I’m right there with you, let’s do this!

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