It’s Ultimately Not About Me

Have You Ever Asked God, “Why Me?”

Why was I chosen to experience trauma, heartbreak, disappointment, loss, etc..? From growing up without my father, becoming a teen mom, being in a broken marriage, and struggling to find my identity and purpose, there were times when I felt like my experiences were too much to bare. Some days I was completely dependent upon my belief and faith in God. My perspective started to change when I read and thought about the many imperfect and broken people God used for his Glory. I then began to think, “Why not me?” Everything I’ve experienced throughout my life wasn’t in vain. There’s purpose behind every pain felt and every tear cried. I believe I’m here on this Earth for a reason and my story will help change the lives of many people. So, when people look to me and wonder how I did it,  I can direct them to the one who gave me the strength and perseverance to endure and to ultimately win. 

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