How many times did we hear, “Write it down,” from our teachers or parents so we wouldn’t forget whatever they were telling us?

Whether it was to remember an assignment or a chore.

I completely missed the lesson behind this as a child. Not only were they instructing us to write things down for remembrance purposes, but it also gave us something to reference back to.

In life we can be forgetful human beings, between work, children, career, education etc.. it can become extremely difficult to balance. 

Going through the ups and downs that life brings it can become very overwhelming and exhausting, we are left with thoughts that overflow our brains. Some thoughts we entertain, others we ignore. Days go by and  you are hit with additional hardships but still going through life without acknowledging how or what you are feeling inside.

We often neglect self care and we ignore the signs that our bodies give us, warning us to sit still.

Let’s stop ignoring those signs, utilize (if only five minutes a day), to track your mood, maybe jot down a word of affirmation, express what your concerns are, list why you are grateful.. whatever is in your heart to do. But whatever you do, journal.

Write it down! Writing things down gives you an opportunity to take time for self, unleash thoughts that you have yet to acknowledge, and it gives you a chance to reflect.

“Journaling is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time.”Mina Murray 

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