Just a little rant to fill you up :-)

Look in the mirror and understand that you are exactly who you are supposed to be…. Your smile isn’t a mistake, your voice isn’t a mistake, nothing about you is a mistake! Take the time out to really look at yourself, be honest with yourself, admire yourself, love yourself, and be grateful for everything God created you to be…. Sometimes you just have to take a second to reflect on how far you have come and how blessed you truly are. Take a second to be kind to you! Take a second to understand you! Often the ones that are too hard on themselves, with the terrible thought that they aren’t good enough are usually the true Gems and just haven’t discovered it yet! Embrace everything about you, even your flaws! Take care of yourself! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Don’t try to be more than who you are but just be you! Its okay to have a meltdown every now and then but wipe the tears and understand that God has placed everything within you that you need. Everything that you have ever faced will reflect Gods Glory in your life. He wouldn’t place you in it if he didn’t plan on carrying you through it. Do your best, be your best, and trust God to handle the rest! He knows what he’s doing, he has a way of flipping the foul into favor 🙂

Love Dye

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