Just a little reminder :-)

You are with your partner for a reason! I am not here to take sides… Right is right and wrong is wrong! Bickering about who is right or wrong will not help us to move forward and it will not get us the positive results that we are aiming for! If you know that you can’t live without them why are are you disrespecting them? Neither party should belittle, dominate, or manipulate the other! Anyone that is unwilling to grow is doing it by choice! But any 2 people who are willing to do the work of keeping Our Heavenly Father 1st & loving and respecting one another even when they don’t feel like it will always win… If you can respect others and talk to them like a human being, why can’t you do it with your mate? Listen and understand with your heart! We all are human & we all have feelings! Lets respect God & ourselves by respecting one another! Understand that manipulation & control is not love, it’s toxic, and toxic is not sweet! Potential won’t get it, we have to put in the work and actually shift! We are aiming for lifetime shifts, not temporary… Change isn’t easy, but it must be consistent in order for you to grow… Temporary change leads back to old ways or worse. Understand that your mate is not your opponent or slave! The world and people that you try to impress often do not care when life gets real! Make sure you are aiming to impress those closest to you that will actually care if something happens to you! Work must be done on both ends because none of us are perfect 🙂 Lets make some changes and start to elevate… 

Love Dye

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