Just for the Ladies

This is an inspirational passage to support women in realizing and owning their God-given power.

Just for the ladies


Own your power and know your worth! You are worth more than somebody’s 2nd, 3rd, or 4th option. You’re even worth more than somebody’s 1st option because you are not even an option. You are a prize! But, in order for you to know you are a prize, you must first know what a prize is. I looked up the definition of prize and the second definition I read was “something exceptionally desirable” and when it is used as a verb it means “to estimate the value of, to value highly.” Women, know your worth and your value. Is what you have worth 1 or 2 dates or is it worth marriage and commitment. Are you worthy of your own time and commitment to work on yourself to become the person you desire to attract or are you worth settling? Is what you have so valuable that it can only be seen in secret between 12-2 am or is it worth being shown in public and protected and provided for? Ladies, know your worth and value or else someone will define it for you and trust me, it will be at a much lower cost.


Once you know your worth, own it. Own your God-given power and use it in the direction of truth and love. Step into your power and use it to bring forth positive change in the world. Use it to leave a footprint of legacy to let the world know you were here. It’s so important as women that we step up and realize and own our power. Think about it, every single person, every human being on this planet has come through the birth canal of a woman and the only way the biological process can take form is if you consent. If you say no then that is law-NO. If you say yes, then that’s law- YES. When a guy approaches you have the power to say yes or no. And if the guy is a mature man he will respect your response, even if it’s a no. So if you respond with a no and he doesn’t respect it, then you know right there he’s not the one for you. Ladies, I so so prayerfully hope that you realize and own your power. If no one has ever explained this to you, then let me be the first to tell you. YOU ARE VALUABLE and WORTH THE WAIT!


Our power is so strong that it influences change in the lives of everyone we come in contact with especially that of a man and every man knows this but not every man respects this. While this is an open letter to women I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a man’s quick innate ability to read your energy and quickly analyze in his head the type of woman you are. Men are great readers of energy so if a man approaches you and/or attempts to sleep with you so quickly instead of becoming upset with him, be courageous enough to ask yourself “What is it about me that a man sees and thinks he can come at me like that? Is it how I am dressed?, Is it my thoughts (which also carry energy)? Is it my hairstyle, really what is it about me that I need to change so that I can begin attracting more suitable men?”


Now of course no person has the right to approach you as such however, if multiple men are approaching you in that capacity, then you may want to begin taking some responsibility and looking at that more closely. Because as the Law of Attraction states ‘that which is a like unto itself is a vibrational match.’ So if you want to begin attracting men who are strong, confident, and know their worth and value and can respect yours. You too must first be a match. Know your worth and value and accept nothing less than the best. I love each of you and hope that you realize and own your power and as always Do Your Work!

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