The process of becoming oneself is not an easy or comfortable task. Don't rush it, just relax and let things unfold day by day. It can be scary at times especially as we age and our goals don't seem to be where we would desire them to be. TRUST THE PROCESS

Nowadays the thought of being your genuine self is scary. People say just be yourself, but often times we get rejected or receive so much criticism when we do that we don’t lol. 

I had dealt with this growing up as a middle child, I just was different. In middle school I wasn’t like the other girls and related more to boys. Well, let me clarify, I didn’t think like girls my age. I wasn’t concerned about the silly things that seem to care about. That trait followed me through high school and college, I just seem to focus on what’s really important and matters.

I said all that to say, I was an outcast my whole life. There was a lot of backhanded compliments from my family and closest friends. But I’m so grateful to honestly be one of a kind. I am who I am. 

There’s power in simply being “who” you are. There’s definitely a price to pay, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Look at people like Michael Jackson, poor thing was loved but tore down his whole life but there will never be anyone as talented as him. 

Look around at all the people today, seems like we just cookie cut the same idea for beauty, success and happiness.

But no one seems to actually be happy or satisfied nowadays. It’s because we have lost the unique gift of being individuals.

We are definitely living in the last days, there’s not much time to waste on pretending. Be yourself …at whatever cost. Love yourself and don’t worry about fitting in, you honestly shouldn’t want to. People who make you feel like something is wrong with you because you’re different aren’t the people you need to associate with

God will bring the people you need into your life at the appropriate time, until then ….just RELAX and enjoy the journey.



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