KEEP GOING ~ stop the drama!


Some of us like drama, while others of us…not so much!

How about you? Have you felt as if drama had your name written on it? 

What if we decided to get off the drama hamster wheel by exercising our personal super power of choice?

That’s right, if anyone brings drama, gossip, shade or anything other than what we want and/or are expecting, let’s decide not to be interested. Let’s choose to reject it swiftly and expeditiously. Let’s run, don’t just walk away; let’s speak if we must but not much more beyond the fact that we’re just not interested; and then let’s remove ourselves from the person’s presence, the space, and/or that circumstance. 

Praying our strength and cheering us on. 

Smiles across the miles, laced with Blessings, Prayers and Love, 
~Cheryl Cheryl~

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