Keep It Simple

"Stick with What You Know"

So you want to be an author?

Becoming an author is not as hard as it may seem. Before I wrote my first book in 2016, I thought writing a book would be hard. Writing my first book wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. For me, the hardest thing was picking a topic and finding the time to write with my children around. Once I solved those two issues I was able to write, design, and self-publish my book within a month. If you want to become an author but don’t know what to write about, think of something that you’re already knowledgable about and write about that.

     Your first book doesn’t have to be a 200-page biography. You can be as creative as you want to be. If you love cooking write a cookbook. Do you write poetry? Make a book of poems. Dare to be different. Your book doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s book. It’s your own uniqueness that will make you stand out.

     I challenged myself also. I wanted to see if I could write, design, and publish a book in 24 hours. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Well, I did. I wrote a book of afffirmations and called it: SELF-LOVE EVERYDAY: 31 Empowering Affirmations.

You don’t have to be like me. Be yourself and write your own book. The world needs what you have to offer. If you need assistance I’d love to help!

I can:

  • Help You Select a Topic
  • Provide Honest Feedback
  • Help You Identify Your Target Audience
  • Design a Unique Book Cover
  • Create a Beautiful Book Interior 

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