No matter where you are! No matter how your doing! Be wise enough to finish what you start! Start where you finished! Keep on pushing baby!!! You've gotta! KEEP ON PUSHING.

Recently I’ve noticed!  The more I am determined.  To finish what and/or where I started.  Life throws me more curve balls.  Your not even up to bat yet!  So!  What am I to do?  You sit it out on the sidelines.  Until you’ve figure it out.  Once you’ve figured it out.  Get back into the game.  Focused!  You play to the last ending.  Until you’ve reached the finish line.  You’ve missed the home plate.  You’ve played the game full out.  No matter the results.  Your always the winner!  From start to finish.  You kept on pushing!  You never gave up!  Learned lessons.  Applied lessons.  Turned into blessings!  Get pass the middle.  Finished.  Your done!  Meditate on what’s next.  Always keep it moving.  Your futures at stake!  Keep on trucking baby!  Go!  Go!!  Go!!!  GO!!!!  Keep doing it.  And doing it.  And doing it well!  Keep on pushing.

-Celestine R. Snell

A Healing Motions Production “2020”


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